The Cry of His Heart For The Nations

August 5th, 2019 Posted by Class of 2019

Since I’ve been here, there’s been a deep revelation of the person of Jesus Christ, especially in how He has commanded us to go and make disciples. This command is nothing new to me, but it carries a greater meaning. I have seen the cry of His heart for the nations and for His people. Personally, the posture of my heart has been changed because of this. Before, any suggestion from a pastor to “go” felt like an obligation to go do ministry or speak to others about Jesus. Now, I have experienced the fruit of this and wait in expectation to do these things. Also, I have felt refreshed by Jesus, even in my understanding of what He wants from me. With that, I have learned that it’s not just what I do but that I do it from a place in my heart. He has opened my eyes to see the identity He has given me through Jesus Christ and how He desires for me to be rooted in His love. All else flows from that.

Even during this time, I have seen a new grace from the anointed teachers. This made me break my unbelief. I am beginning to dream again and believe in my calling–reaching out to broken women. I have been so encouraged to dive in the river of what God is doing and join in how He is working in our generation. Through the inspirational teachers that we’ve been blessed with, my hunger and experience with the Word have been so good. I recognized the depth of the Word, how to experience it in a meaningful way, and that it is for everyone. Jesus has opened my spiritual eyes to see the level of sickness, poverty, and need in the world. I think of my home and the examples of poverty that are all around me. The only answer I know to heal this is the Church. I am the Church. Within that, I began to understand the power of community and culture. In a school with six nations represented here, I have experienced things from other cultures that I have found myself getting caught up in and not agreeing with, and it is draining. Jesus has allowed me to recognize the culture of His Kingdom and the richness of seeing everyone in that light.

In community, it is easy to ignore the injustices because of fear, but I have found the courage to confront these things with wisdom and the help of the Holy Spirit. My experience with justice and how I wanted people to be righteous caused me to offer my own judgment toward the unjust, which is destructive. I have found that everything I do and seek to correct has to come from the Lord and the way He calls us to handle them. It is about Jesus being glorified within the injustices, and with Christ, there is mercy. God sees humans in His image. So when there’s harm between His created ones is where I am called to show the injustice-doers God’s love. To see this done, I have been empowered to find courage and take risks for His Kingdom. A tool for us to fight injustices is God’s Word. I need to seek His Word. He is the God of justice. Simply, the whole answer is to bring the Gospel to the injustices of the world.

My heart is with women. I will stand up against injustices and empower other women to stand with me and call out these injustices. I want to teach the things I’ve learned and bring awareness to what I am calling an “injustice.”


Nelisiwe Zulu
Kingdom of Eswatini
2019 Student